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HEAT CONDUCTIVE & MANAGEMENT industrial adhesive tapes 


HEAT CONDUCTIVE & MANAGEMENT industrial adhesive tapes 

Hi-bond tapes U.K 

A worldwide leading manufacturer of structural very strong Adhesive tapes for wide range of industries such as - inferstarctions, automotive  industry, Electronics, Aerospace, sign & display  and many more 

Hi-bond tapes products are iso 9001 & QS 9000 regulated. 

UL and civilian Aviation certified 

wide range of isolating screen tapes for high temperature applications , very good solvent and chemicals resistant , RF shielding and more 

VST 7000

Acrylic base Thermally conductive.

combines the excellent bonding properties of acrylic foam tape with the ability to conduct heat away from heat sources.

contains ceramic particles which act as the conduction medium. A typical use includes bonding heat sinks n many electronics applications . 

Hi-Bond Tapes VST acrylic two side adhesive Tapes 
HB 050TC


 Pyro-BondTM thermally conductive foil tapes are available in four thicknesses using high grade copper and aluminium foils, coated with high
performance graphite and nickel conductive adhesives. Designed to give excellent thermal dissipation in the X-Y plane and high interface
performance, minimizing heat conduction in the Z axis.

Pyro-Bond™ Natural Graphite Tapes
Natural graphite used in thermal management is a soft
crystalline material with anisotropic characteristics due to its
layered structure. Thermal properties in the XY plane are far
greater than in the Z axis, which give excellent heat spread
and conductivity performance. Graphite has superb thermal
and electrical conductive properties and is an ideal material
for producing thermal interfaces, thermal conductive values
greatly exceed those of copper and aluminium. Graphite is
25% lighter than aluminium and 75% lighter than copper,
which is a benefit for applications with mobile devices such as
smart phones and tablets.
The flexibility and conformability of graphite facilitates the
use as an interface material when used for heat sinks, heat
spreaders and TIMs. Natural graphite is formed into thin sheets
which can be laminated with adhesives, then die-cut in complex
shapes for specific applications. Pyro-Bond™ natural graphite
is available in thickness range from 30 micron to 940 micron
thick. Ideal for a wide range of thermal interface applications

Pyro-Bond™ Pyrolytic Synthetic
Graphite Tapes
Pyro-bond™ Synthetic graphite is produced by converting
film material at extremely high temperature in excess of
3000°C using an annealing process a graphite layered
film is formed under pressure which is highly crystalline.
This is a proprietary manufacturing process producing
unique synthetic graphite films of the highest quality
and performance. The film is multi-layered and highly
uniform and oriented unlike natural graphite, this give
outstanding thermal properties and characteristics. The
grades of Pyro-BondTM synthetic graphite are available
in 17, 25 and 40 micron thickness.

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