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Bondplus Electrical tapes 

Hi-bond tapes U.K 

A worldwide leading manufacturer of structural very strong Adhesive tapes for wide range of industries such as - inferstarctions, automotive  industry, Electronics, Aerospace, sign & display  and many more 

Hi-bond tapes products are iso 9001 & QS 9000 regulated. 

UL and civilian Aviation certified 

Hi-bond Bondplus range : 

High quality technical tapes developed for a range of applications in the electronics industry.for bonding masking,shielding and surface protection.

High grade acrylics ,silicone and electrically conductive adhesives are used in conjunction with the best availably films and metal foils to give outstanding  results for consumer electronics,aviation and telecoms . 

Hi-Bond Tapes BONDPLUS Electical Tapes 
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TDS  מפרטים טכניים להורדה ומידע כללי נלווה 


superior chemicals and solvent resistance,high temperature resistance tough hard polyester film.
High grade silicone adhesive leaves no residue when removed Electrical masking, powder coating masking and splicing of siliconized papers and films. Electrical insulation properties, Electro-plating and anodizing masking 


Very high Temperature's resistance films. excellent chemicals and solvent resistance.
High grade silicone adhesive leaves no residue when removed,excellent insulation properties, masking terminals on pcb's, waves soldering applications,Surface protection.
High temperature clamping and insulating applications  


​HIGH BOND 910 -930

Double sided polyester with a differential adhesive one side acrylic and the other side silicone for bonding silicone rubber profiles and extrusions.Bonding led strip lighting encapsulates with silicone rubber 

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