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HERNON MANUFACTURING USA offers a line of Anaerobic \ Heat cure  impregnations resin
Solution for sealing cast metal and plastics , porosity sealant technology   
HERNON impregnations are certified to MIL-I-17563 Revision C -
Class 1 & Civilian NSF 61 drinking water standard   

Hernon Porosity Sealant (HPS) 59801


is a low viscosity liquid sealant designed for sealing interfacial leak paths in flexible electronic assemblies. It may also be used to enhance dielectric strength or seal porosity in passive materials. The dual-cure system incorporated in HPS 59801 offers the advantage of elevated temperature curing or curing at room temperature

HPS 990

anaerobic porosity sealant
HPS 990 is certified to military
specification MIL-I-17563 Revision C -
Class 3

  • High speed processing – impregnation cycles of
    25 minutes with 1 to 3 hour room temperature
    full cures.

  • Economical – quick room temperature cures
    coupled with efficient utilization of resin allows
    for excellent process economics.

  • Reliability – hardened resin exhibits superior
    chemical and physical elevated temperature
    resistance and pressure sealability.

  • Simplified processing of treated parts.

immediate painting or machine of impregnated
parts is possible because HPS 990 resin
treatment leaves no residue on part surfaces

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