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Anaerobic Adhesives & Sealants series 200

Thread Locking Special grades for aviation

  • Increases profitability: lower costs, less down time.

  • Reduced inventories - no need for "special fasteners"

  • Reduced maintenance - parts don't vibrate loose.

  • Superior reliability - assembly integrity assured.

Hernon offers a complete line of Nuts N' Bolts adhesives & sealants. These anaerobic adhesives are designed for use with assemblies having threaded fasteners. They are single component, 100% active liquids that are self-hardening when air is omitted as between the mating surfaces of a nut and bolt, while remaining a stable liquid in its container.

A wide selection of Nuts N' Bolts adhesives & sealants are available to provide specialized performance to meet your product specification and maintenance requirements. Adhesive properties such as maximum gap filling, cure time, shear strength (breakaway and prevailing torque), and viscosities can be matched to meet your specific needs.

Series 200

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